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  1. Thanks Laurie https://macdonaldvalleyassociation.org.au/event/st-albans-common-carp-fishing-comp-2023/ details here on this link
  2. Not yet ,Donna thinking of going down early August i will let you know when,Cheers Laurie.
  3. Hey guys ,i think we should do a hairie social night again, they were a great night, a great social event ,Cheers Laurie.
  4. Weather gods are not smiling might put on hold for a week, Thanks Donna.
  5. Hi guys ,Has anybody had a go at the hairies yet ,thinking of going down tomorrow night any info appreciated.Cheers Laurie.
  6. This event has been cancelled owing to current bushfires in the area,Cheers Laurie.
  7. Thank you Donna, (old school).
  8. CampAnd Comp2019[7478].pdf
  9. Thank You guys ,might give it a bash this weekend weather permitting,Hi Donna, from gwandy fishos.
  10. Hi Guys any reports of hairies being caught yet in the Hawkesbury or is the water still a bit warm, Cheers Laurie.
  11. I must apologise very inconsiderate of me.
  12. After a very cold ,long and bloody windy night 6 boats 12 people not a single fish was caught ,tailor hairie or anything else all up a very poor performance, Cheers Laurie.
  13. Good on ya Stewie did you leave a few down there for us in a couple of weeks.Cheers Laurie
  14. Same old crew Donna Jacko (captain rats) Allan (fishy fingers) Mat (moonhead) ruthy and myself ,sometimes i think i am too old for this s##it but keep going back for more. hope to see afew of the raiders down there.Cheers Laurie.
  15. Hi fellow fishraiders its about that time of the year to go chase the crome beasties again ,Gwandalan fishing club will venture to the holy creek jerusalem on the 7th july to chase the critters again , if anybody is silly enough as us feel free to come and join us for a bit of madness and fun. Cheers Laurie.
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