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A little different kind of Fishing Report


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Dear Raiders,

I just wanted to let you all know about a recent experience with a fellow Fishraider.

He's known around here as Yarraone, and I've never met him in person. Only through Fishraider.

Yarraone offered spots on a game fishing charter early last year, and I jumped at the opportunity. He kept me in the loop about what was going down and gave me his bank details to transfer my share of the charter.

I paid a deposit, and then shortly before the charter paid the rest of my share.

I had never been game fishing, and with Marlin and Tuna on the horizon, I looked forward to this trip all year.

Then the bad news...

A few days before the charter I got a fever. I reached 40 degrees and my body shook straight for 6 hours. I had never experienced anything like it. I then slept straight for 32 hours before a bunch of hallucinations and bad dreams. I could barely get up to take a leak. It ended up being tonsilitis. Yeah, who knew it could get that bad. I ended up being bed ridden for 2 weeks.

Worst of all, this happened right before the game fishing trip.

I let yarraone know I was sick, and couldn't make the trip. I was bitterly disappointed. I'd been hanging all year.

My doctor told me that I could rupture my spleen if I exerted myself, as I had a combination of viral and bacterial tonsillitis. My doctor even reluctantly said that maybe a Marlin wouldn't be worth that! That's was a scary thought.

Why I'm writing this is because yarraone refunded me the money for the trip. I didnt ask for that, and I honestly think it fair that I should pay my share come hell or high water. I dont think its fair that I leave everyone else out of pocket for an expensive fishing charter, just because I cant make it. Nevertheless, someone I've never met, transferred it back to me out of the goodness of his own heart. My wife was stoked!

I just wanted to share this story because it blew me away. I think thats a really stand up thing for yarraone to have done, as I definitely don't think he had any moral obligation to do it.

Bloody hell fishermen make good people!

Thanks Yarraone! I hope we get to meet one day, and maybe even catch a marlin in the process!



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Not a heartfelt story at all!! All fishraiders are honest, loyal and trustworthy!

If someone misses a day out and has paid, but due to sickness cant make it....refund is immediate! How many more fishraiders will jump at the chance?? about a 1000 :yahoo:

If you can't make a charter or any other trip...don't worry! there is no need for fellow raiders to not refund as they can be replaced in about 2 seconds....I've been looking to secure a trip here for 2 months now and damn! Any trip gets confirmed here damn quick!

Why then hell am I supporting a site I have no idea about?? Guess because i fish, surf and love the ocean and Fishraider people seem to be good people all round! :yahoo:

A damn good site as I've observed from only a few post's....and hey I don't mind being a Pilly at all..they stink but damn good bait :thumbup:

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