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mixed bag @ Swansea


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Hey Raiders,

Fished off Swansea beach last week. Caught 3x shovel-nosed sharks and came across some sambos, bream and flathead. Apologies for clarity of pics. Mobile ph went dead so wasn't able to capture pics of others. Most was thrown back due to not having the appropriate storage as someone knocked off some of our gear incl. esky as we went to check out the conditions upon arrival. Still, had an enjoyable evening nonetheless B) Other pics would not load up due to size :1sorry:

post-14839-086684300 1296277087_thumb.jpg

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Yes mainly during holidays the thieves are around, once it's over it's rare to have your gear stolen. I left some gear once at a spot and went back a few weeks later and one of the locals remembered me and directed me to where my gear was being kept, the locals up there really look out for others but if you are rude, disrespectful etc they wont give you the time of day.

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