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First Striped Tuna


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Caught it off North Head today, it was quiet out there, no Kings, but reports were they were everything in the morning ( i got to the ramp at 10, lazy lazy lazy. )

Got a few Flatties and a flounder on the inside, i got lots of bait, and dinner. :1fishing1:




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Nice work! :thumbup:

Those tuna go pretty hard for their size, don't they?

Did you get the tuna on that Charter Special? I've had one for many years. I caught my first stripey on it and can still remember the drag screaming.



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Thanks mate, they sure do !

I got it on the Charter Special mate, i love the sound of the drag on it, it comes really handy when trolling,you can hear it scream off and you get a smile on your face :) I've got many Kings, Snapper, Flatties, Bonito, & now Tuna on it in the 3 years i have owned it, infact i have 2, both used for trolling, i need to get a big spool of mono for the both :1fishing1:

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