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The most AMAZING flies I have ever seen


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Hi all

I found this trout fly site the other day - and was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the incredible accuracy of the flies made!! He has had some used in adverts & other movie bits - not surprising, given the reality of them!!


Those dragon flies are just amazing!!

Hope you are as impressed with them as I am!



These film bugs are incredible too


I am trying to find a small Little Britain movie that was hilarious as well! Will put it up when I find it!

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WOW!, Yes you are right Roberta, would be interesting to find out how long it takes to make them..

I bet this person that makes them is one of those fly persons that has gone to university to do a degree in Entemology, never fishes anymore, just makes crazy good flies, spends every spare moment photographing, videoing, and watching insects.

Hahaha - there are many of us who are that obsessed etc, but this is just one og those people tht make it their mission in life to produce the most realistic ( yet probably too time consuming and not enough revenue for the effort).

Good to see you are spending time on the net researching fly fishing........

M xxx

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....( yet probably too time consuming and not enough revenue for the effort)....

Absolutely, Matt! Those flies (house flies) that he provides for movies/photos are like $300 EACH!!! :1yikes:

I seriously wondered if he was just shoving a hook up the 'Khyber Pass' to just 'make them look like flies'??

I'd love to drop one of those dragon flies down the Snowies .......... dreams are free!


When is your next Blue Mountains session???? Maybe a tad warm just now!! :1yikes:

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