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Broadbill Weekend


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G'day all,

Following Bluecod's excellent report (great work mate!!) I thought I would share with you a report from my 2 days at sea with Ross Hunter of Broadbill Charters.

Firstly, as I alluded in a previous post, I have been offered the opportunity to train up with Ross Hunter to begin working the deck on random weekends. I am absolutely thrilled with this opportunity and my first day of training was this last Sunday. Now before I skip to Sunday, let me elaborate on the Saturday's fishing where I fished as a paying customer with my mate Rob and 4 other eager anglers, keen to catch a few yellowfin.

As Bluecod mentioned, there have been some whopping fin' caught in recent weeks, with Broadbill and Billfisher both getting amongst the fish. As a result we headed east to Brown's Mountain on Saturday morning with high expectations.

Well what can I say, we trolled all day for 3 yellowfin from 8 to 14kg, just jellybeans compared to the fish that had been landed in recent weeks. Ross marked a fair few fish deep (70-80 fathoms) however nothing we did could get them up and interested in our spread. Trolled down to the Southern Canyons, off Stanwell Park and still did not manage to increase the bag.

Our spread for those interested consisted of one bibless minnow (purple and orange) that was not deployed till wide of the shelf for fear of getting a marlin hook-up on a lure that could be thrown with ease. One medium lumo Sprocket, and 2 lumo Bloodshots. the lumo bloodshots are a proven lure from last season and 2 of the fin fell for these over the course of the day. The bibless accounted for the 3rd fish.

Despite a lack of good fish we still had an awesome day on the water as the wind eased off and the swell dropped.

Sunday dawned bright and clear and I was eagerly anticipating my first day as a trainee deckie. We had a very enthusiastic crew of guys, keen to get a few tuna and enjoy a great day on perfect seas.

Headed directly for the Southern Canyons knowing there would be a flotilla trolling the mountain (there was!!), however despite trying everything in the book, and marking quite a number of fish deep we could not raise anything more than a few stripies. reports of a Striped marlin had us heading back in over the edge and searching for those elusive stripes. It was not to be our day though and we set course for home without a fin' having been caught.

In summary, it was probably a good thing for me that we remained fishless for the day as it allowed me to concentrate on the finer points of running the deck. I expect it will be a number of weeks till I am completely up to speed, however I have to start somewhere and I could not ask for a better teacher than Ross and his awesome deckie Soxie.

If any of you are contemplating getting amongst the fin' this season, and by all accounts it is expected to go off, I would highly recommend a day out with Ross. What you will learn in that one day will have you well prepared to do battle out of your own rig. For those without access to a bluewater rig, Ross is definitely the guy to talk to about getting out wide and maximising your chances of getting a tuna or 2.

If anyone has any specific questions, I am more than happy to take PM's.

FYI: Ross is looking to start cubing for the tuna in the coming weeks, as a result of marking a few fish deep. This method will hopefully raise a few of those deep fish and result in some good catches when trolling fails.

Tight Lines all,


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Guest bluecod

Half your luck getting a training opportunity like that Byron :thumbup:

What you should also do is stick a set of VHF headphones on whilst your on the deck so you can get another side of the story as to what and why he is doing it - its amazing the snippets of information you pick up from these guys on their radio chatter.

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That is a great idea Bluecod,

As I get my skills honed i am sure that the good oil will be shared my way. Ross has given up a few thoughts already on why he does what he does at particular moments, but I get the feeling that a lot of his decisions are based on gut feel learnt through long experience.



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Great stuff Byron - I'm jealous!!! I am very keen to get out and try for a fin - Swoff, you can count me in for a day out with Ross, Byron and some other fishraiders in the very near future.


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All talk,

I will take some shots this coming weekend and post next week.

Be excellent to see a few Fishraiders out there, even if it means watching and taking the piss out of me as I learn the ropes.

Cheers all,


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