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Fishing/camping trip ideas.


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G'day fellas Really keen to go on a little overnight fishing/camping mission with my old man and a few mates, I live in penrith but can travel, keen to go up the blue mountains maybe or anywhere really, just wanted to know If anyone knew any good places? doesn't have to be limited to the mountains or local, Preferably somewhere with a hopeful sureshot of catching something as it will be a few mates first times haha :)

any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated :)


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Patonga mate is the GO, its close to Broken Bay and there's a caravan park there- you gotta book in advance though as it gets pretty crowded during school holidays.

Else I'd likey go to Umina which is on the way to Patonga- there's a BIG4 cara park there aswell... both great spots nice and quiet, and some good fishing available.

Other suggestions- Kiama and Nowra areas have some nice little spots etched into the escarpment, there's plenty of caravan parks for you to book into and some have beaches @ the doorstep- and if you are so inclined there's charters for reef fish also available.

Hope this helps.

Good luck in the search



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the basin is a really good spot for camping and fishing. Not very big fish but you go get alot of legal bream and snapper from the rocks and beach along with whiting. There are massive rays in the tidal river inlet though. Last time i was there it was shark netted off so everythings in there looks stuck in there which probably explains the massive rays. you can collect some nippers there and fish with them. Also they have showrs (cold water) and a nice bushwalking trail i think its 2km up the mountain. Dont leave food out there are MASSIVE goannas and feral possums there and will clean you out lol.

We seen 2 possums punch on last time we were there and one of em like ripped half the face off the other one :wacko:

Good luck mate hope this helps

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we camp at patonga for 2 weeks every xmas for last 7 years

great spot

creek/lagoon is very shallow so at high u need to wade out to channel [although the biggest flattie we saw was the one me mate nearly trod on wading back thru 2 feet of water to unhook a small flattie the one he nearly stood on was 90plus he reckoned??

or fish at the entrance/rock wall outgoing tide

if ya have a tinny or kayak theres crabs

prawns bream flounder flathead whiting blackfish herring[well it looked like one] tailor and possible jews [did i miss anything!!

mind you size does vary lol

heres a link


about 50 mins from berowra

just byo b4 u go

the pub charges $$$$$$


p.s. at low tide thers tons of nippers at "nipper island" lol u can wade across to it on a low tide its a few hundred mts up creek

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Cheers for the great replies fellas this patonga place sounds great, will definately be doing a bit of research on the place, any idea if you can hire little tinnies up there for the day? Would love to fish out of a boat as I've only ever done it once. :)

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