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Fish ID - Clyde river, no photo sorry.



I know its hard without a pic and with my poor description, it was dark and wet, anyway I caught a fish off the long wharf at Batemans Bay (off the promenade near Beach rd) in the Clyde river that I have no idea what it is. It looked a bit like a bream shape wise (as in not elongated), but didn't have anywhere near as obvious scales. Does that scaleless look description help anyone? Unfortunately my fish id skills are lacking unless its a bream, flathead or snapper. Speaking of which, I caught my first ever snapper on the same night, beautiful fish, although only 20cm, its red was so bright and its blue spots shone like christmas decorations, I was stoked. In fact that and the few bream I caught were all very clean bright healthy looking fish. Didn't catch anything legal, but a nice time anyway.

EDIT: I have a sneaking suspicion it might have been a small trevally. Its shape, size and scaleless look (and the pics on google) seem to be pretty darn close indeed. In that case, it was also my first trevally ever. The trip just got better! :)

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