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I've just got a new rod (ian miller 12ft lw5-12kg) and reel (spheros 1200fa) and need to fit it with line--- Having lived 5mins from stockon beach for the past 8 months now and yet to wet a line there ... I thought it was time to get off my arse and have a go for some jewies... Wich brings me to my question---- do I use braid -- mono? and 10--15kg?

Cheers Evan,

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Guest fishrunner

Gday, got a good mate who fishes stocko for jewies, he recently tried braid on his baitrunners and at first thought it was good as he could feel everything and a smaller diameter means less drag on the line when cutting through a wave so he could fish a lighter sinker.Then I found out he's gone back to mono for beach fishing, he believes he pulled hooks on a couple of good jewies(no give in the line),.

Took him a few months to come to this decision as you don't get jew hits on every trip.

hope this helps.


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I normally bring 2 rods with me whn beach fishing... one has braid the other mono...

I find the braid to be better personally just as many hook ups as the mono...

just have to be careful in the shore dump (if there is one) but i suppose you have to with mono anyways :hitsfan:


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Mate i also pulled out of a lot of fish when i first switched to braid but once i experimented around a bit i started actually liking the stuff and i wont use anything else now unless its on an Alvey, plus 300 metres of braid was expensive. If your reel can handle it go heavier in the braid than 15 kg. Also i found that a long, say 5 metre, leader helped with the hook up rate as it gave it that shock absorber effect and as always make sure your hooks are ultra sharp...i even sharpen the chemically sharpened ones. Also you are bound to pull out of big fish on any line type, they all get big for a reason !!

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