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Kings 2 ,me 1/2 rod , 0 DR bomb


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Hit a spot given by fellow raider to try . First live squid hits water on to rat . DR dead next when it take off like a freight train with the 15kgs drag on the tynos 30 screaming to stop . No luck it slows once & snap on the bommie . Neat run I hook the bomb on the bommie & nearly lose the DR but in the panic I snap the backbone 15kg in half . The young bloke told his mother he learnt a few new words today . I then made a make shift to get by & got rat after rat . We then headed north to just off long bay headland & tried where I used to always get onto stipies when it is getting this warm. At least the youngster got his first couple of stripies for sushimi tonight . In the photo he was trying to hold it up when it was pumping hard in his arms , he nearly fell over .

post-11296-029523700 1298787147_thumb.jpg

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