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mid morning bass


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hey guys just a quick report went for a bass flick in one of the creeks with a mate in his canoe this morning. lauched around 9:00 and reached our first snags by around 9:30 flicked for around half an hour before i said to sean "time for the killer lure" he cracked a smile as if to say yeah right and sure enough second cast came in a nice bass in the high 40's. anyway all in all wasnt to bad a session considering the time we started managed around 15 fish all around 30 apart from seans beast of a 8cm bass. oh and i did get taught a lesson by what i think was a really good bass or an ep anyway here are a few pics enjoy

post-15864-039270700 1299052936_thumb.jpg

post-15864-005544500 1299052962_thumb.jpg

post-15864-046515000 1299052981_thumb.jpg

post-15864-076877000 1299052988_thumb.jpg

post-15864-017661600 1299052996_thumb.jpg

post-15864-036401500 1299053033_thumb.jpg

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Well done fellas what a great way to start the day with a good tally of fish and it certainly is awesome when the fish smashes your lure topwater and sends echoes through the creek it certainly sends the heart rate up. :thumbup:

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