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I'm a self taught novice. I have used Electrolube Ultrasolve,from Dick Smiths- it is hard to get. I've used Triflow Rapid Clean. It is very good, plenty of pressure from the can. I get it from pushbike shops or gun dealers. The eaiest to find is Zippo lighter fluid-any tobacconist. With the bearings I like to rinse them then hit em with 100 psi air to spin em then keep repeating this till they spin free. I haven't ruined any paint with this, BUT solvents are more dangerous to YOU than your reel. Take care especially if you are young.

Hope this helps


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On 12/15/2016 at 6:51 PM, DMG said:

umm I wouldnt use degreaser near anything unless I wanted to be stripped back to bare metal or bare.

sorry but I wouldnt put that stuff near my rods or reels.

Sound advice, but when you need to really clean bearings lighter fluid is the go. Zippo fluid in a can is a must if you are doing your own servicing.



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Hi Fellas;

To clean reel I always use Shellie.

Removes grease and oil and does not leave a residue.

The ice cream container is ideal along with a toothbrush.

To get into tight areas I use a babies  toothbrush.

For general degreasing Karcher make one that is water based and works a treat.

Best of all it does not stink!!:lol:



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from all of the above 3 goodies are 1. kero and toothbrush, 2.take photos and 3, don't,don't and don't spin up bearings using compressed air when they are dry.....goes for wheel bearings on car/trailer etc


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