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boat ramps syd harbour ?

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heading out to the harbour for a fish tomoro and was wondering what boat ramps every1 uses to get in there..im coming from penrith way and have a few mates who say go to either wharf road boat ramp or roseville boat ramp just near the spit...which 1 of these is better or any closer ramps that is fairly accessible..any help would be awesome ....

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Hey mate. I can only comment on the one at roseville. Its a good ramp with a fair bit of parking. Does get busy later in the day. It will cost you $7.00 for the day (there are ticket machines) and rangers do patrol there. Fairly easy to get to. I go from the hills district - M2 to chatswood then through chatswood to roseville. Easy access to the harbour and you can pick up some yakkas at balmoral on the way.


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insomniac92 is right, the Roseville ramp is quite good and very easy in terms of access. If you have a national parks pass you don't need to pay the $7 too.

You can also try Tunks Park which is near Cameray.

I've been using Rose Bay lately but it gets very busy.

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