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Central Coast/Lake Mac/Hawkesbury decky needed

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Hiya everyone, I just bought my first tinnie (a Brooker V14 with 40HP) and I am looking for anyone to come join me on brisbane Waters/hawkesbury/Lake Macquarie on weekend and midweek outings.

As I work different shifts each week, days and times may vary a bit but I usually get Sat/Sunday mornings to myself if I work nights and then get Monday/Tuesdays off...

Idea is to flick plastics/LCB's and HB's/Poppers around the drop-offs and oyster racks for bream/flatties/jewies and on the odd good day head out to the heads and troll for bonnies and kingies on light gear

Sorry I wont allow any bait in my boat Im going strictly lures ONLY as I dont have bait board installed and I dont want my boat stinking nor the cleaning dutues afterwards... simply put you gotta be prepared to help launch/retreive and wash boat afterwards (usually do this @ the ramp when there is fresh water available) and must be able to reverse a trailer or at least hold on to some rope and guide boat to T-wharf or pontoon without damaging my "pride and joy"

You will need your own gear and be preapred to meet @ any ramp on the central coast or hawkesbury before sunrise for a sunrise launch.

Prefer someone with local knowledge as its been donkeys since I fished inside Brissy Waters but I have basic idea on locations and will have GPS/Sounder installed in a couple of weeks once I receive delivery from USA.

Must be self sufficient and I prefer c'n'r other than keeping the odd jew/flattie- I return all my Bream and other species back to briney these days there are better feeds for me n my family.

Please let me know via PM with your contact details and I will contact you when I am available... like I said I do shift work so my hours change every week depending on workloads.

Cheers and Tight Lines



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