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Thks luderick-angler


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Luderick-angler took me out a couple if weeks ago and spent 4 hours of his time showing me the ropes to this fine art.

Well decided to give it a go on my own using the tips he shared and whT a great morning it was. After spending a half hour working out the depth was into 2 fish immediately.

One of his tips though was to tie off the keeper net correctly which in my haste I didn't do. I had it pulled tight in hole and to my amazement the buggers got loose and they were gone. After a half hour of nothing and still devasted I moved to another ledge and it all started. 4 in the bag plus a decent model drummer and boy was that fun on 3 kg trace and 6 kilo line. 3 too small to keep 3 dropped at my feet and a dozen downs that I stuffed

All I can say is thanks LA - I don't know who hands out the mentor awards but he deserves one he was selfless in his time with it would have taken me 10 years to have a day like this without his help

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You are right Swordie Royce is very deserving of the mentor badge as he is a top bloke willing to help out all newbies.Had a fish with him a few weeks ago for the first time and enjoyed the day with him.

Cheers Steve

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I can vouch for that - he definately knows is stuff.

I was fortunate enough to fish with him and his Dad at the same time - now that was a wealth of information

the first time out we got 80+..and that's no joke


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