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Reef Magic Report- 12/3/11

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Hi all,

Came back to Sydney to drive another boat for a charter yesterday and headed north. Tough day but found a good patch of bait and managed to hook a good black marlin. After a dogged fight that lasted 3 hours the fish came up tail wrapped and sadly we were unable to release it. We estimated him at 150kg. The boys took the fillets off him and were looking forward to a feed.

We drove back up to port stephens last night for today's charter. As soon as we got out the conditions got worse but we headed wide and pulled some lures as the bait was hard to find. A good fish came up on the short corner then switched to the long corner and smashed the hollowpoint on the long corner and we were hooked up to a solid blue marlin. After an hour fight we released a healthy 140kg blue marlin to fight another day .

Out again tomorrow do will let you know how we go.



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