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Little bay


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Hi raiders,

We went to little bay today to check the spot. Its a hard spot to get access to. You really need rock shoes. We got there around 6am. There were about a dozen fishos already. Managed to catch bonito on lure bream on pillies blackfish on local weeds. Got really soaked. It was my 1st time on that spot. You really need to be fit to go to that spot. I basically just made it back up to my car. We spent around 5hrs there. Saw some fishos catching kingys on live yakkas. Excellent spot but will not recommend to novice rocks fishos. It can really be dangerous if u dont keep an eye on the waves. All up it was a good day.

here's a pic of some of the species we caught.

post-11494-026762700 1300072406_thumb.jpg

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He could be talking about the Trap (or Greenie), which is far more dangerous than Julianne in my opinion.

Then again, he could be talking about anywhere in Little Bay... More details needed.

I've fished Julianne for many years and have found it to be relatively safe, as long as you abide by the normal rock fishing rules. Also, noting some of the crowd I've seen their in the past, it couldn't be the worst spot with respect to safety since I don't hear of people going in off there.

Was fishing the gutter one day when a group of idiots came along with their esky full of beer. They fished the gutter on a the dangerous side and without wearing cleats. Obviously it was a flat day, yet one still managed to slip and fall in. Couldn't help but crack up once they'd pulled him out. It was hilarious.

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Guest hawkesbass

it is also a good spot for spinning gar fish as well in the early hours of the morning.whilst playing golf at the coast was watching you guys fish around the early morning did not seem to be much wash around when the bay is full of wash the place fishes really well

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