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Fantastic couple of weeks on the Marlin


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Hi folks,

Well for me it's been a pretty tough season game fishing wise. Been lucky enough to raise a few fish, even get a few good runs but as happens all ended in disaster. Up until recently that is!

A couple of weeks ago I got invited to fish with some mates out of Port Stephens just before the interclub started. Had three fantastic days, scoring 3 black marlin on the last day which all went 80 - 100kg. Fantastic!!

post-4525-055866200 1300084960_thumb.jpg post-4525-060727700 1300084982_thumb.jpg

Then last saturday headed out of Batemans Bay with 2 mates on my tinnie. Headed out to around 70 - 80 fathoms off Burrie Point. The water was electric blue and crystal clear. The sounder said 22.6 but it looked much warmer. Picked up a heap of traffic on the radio that a few fish had been found on bait balls in the area. After a bit of searching (and following the 20 other boats to the same spot) we located a bait ball about the size of a small car being worked over by a seal. As we got closer, I couldn't believe my eyes. Five of the most beautiful striped marlin were all lit up and working over the bait from beneath.

In a flurry of activity I threw in a live slimie and wham, it got nailed. The lacky band goes ping, the fish races off taking 30m of line from the drop back spool and we're on. Or so I thought! You guessed it, spat the hook and swam away. You could have heard me say some nasty things if you were anywhere within 300 miles!! Anyway back to the bait ball we go. Chase it all round the ocean waiting for my chance and when it comes I'm pretty quick off the mark. In goes another slimie and to my amazement a huge marlin races over and makes a fish finger out of it. WE ARE ON THIS TIME!!

post-4525-055022500 1300085546_thumb.jpg

Well the fish races off and we're after it. A few spectacular jumps and then down it goes taking 24kg like it was cotton. Well for the next hour or so it's the toughest fight I've ever had. The backs screaming, the arms burning and my thighs have bruises that the Mrs can only laugh at. But sadly towards the end of the fight, the fish gets tail wrapped and when she comes to the boat she wasn't in good shape. What a magnificent looking fish.

post-4525-032981900 1300085744_thumb.jpg

We try for the next half hour to revive it but it just wasn't going to happen. As this was the first Marlin I've landed in my own boat I made the call and decided to take her home. Back at the marina we had it weighed and she went 125kg. What a fantastic fish and a great feed for a lot of families.

post-4525-075648000 1300085911_thumb.jpg post-4525-094008400 1300085932_thumb.jpg

As elated and happy as I was to catch the fish I was still a little sad that it came home. But that's fishing. What a fantactic couple of weeks it's been and with any luck it may just continue. Hope you enjoyed the read and the photo's. Cheers....


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awesome mate . well done !

its my dream to one do getr the gear and head out for marlin

love that photo jumping out of the water , thats amazing !


Thanks mate,

Your not wrong, it's fantastic to do in your own boat with your own gear. Been a long time coming and a hell of a lot of fun....


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Great pics & story, oh yeh & thats the best looking tinnie I have ever seen, let me guess.....your wife thinks that is a tinnie !! Where do I find a wife like yours !!

Well Done.

Yeah she's not a bad tub (the tinnie not the wife that is!!)

post-4525-092595400 1300310076_thumb.jpg

Having said that she's not half bad either I guess...........

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Well done mate don't feel bad u did what you could to revive. I recently had the same experience in my "tinnie" (same as yours) off bermi but was lucky enough to see mine swim away healthy. Keep up the good work


Thanks Dan. Yeah was a shame but it happens. Was put to goood use though. Not a bad 'tinnie' are they!! Very happy with mine.....


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