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Newbie in the Cooks


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Hit the Cooks again today with good mate Smitty and new to soft plastics fishing,Nathan.

We gave the jews a try but no luck again and some strange goings on with the tides as it was supposed to be running out when we arrived and it didnt start till nearly an hour late(maybe tsunami effects).

We headed further up the Cooks and the bream and flatties were on straight away with Nathan getting his first fish on plastics on the second cast :yahoo: and on and on it went with Smitty,Nathan and myself belting the crap out of the fish population.

Most fish were taken on 50mil squidgies and other assorted placcies with light jig hooks.

We scored flatties,bream both yellowfin and black ones a flounder for Nathan and a nice trevally falling to Smittys offerings as well as a heap of tailor.

post-256-082108900 1300172956_thumb.jpg

post-256-084213700 1300172963_thumb.jpg

post-256-022838600 1300172971_thumb.jpg

post-256-067164400 1300172979_thumb.jpg

post-256-032491300 1300172987_thumb.jpg

post-256-030495800 1300172995_thumb.jpg

post-256-056999100 1300173002_thumb.jpg

post-256-076869700 1300173010_thumb.jpg

post-256-000192600 1300173019_thumb.jpg

The day was terrific with two good mates and plenty of sledging from the back to the front of the boat :074:

Thanks for a great day out fellas and hope we can do this type of stuff again really soon

Cheers Stewy

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Oh yeh....what a great day on the water, plenty of fish and plenty of laughs too!!! :thumbup: Thanks heaps guys.

Just one more thing......Bird, bird, bird the bird is the word hahahahahaha :074: (you had to be there).



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Talkin about the dark side,

Nathan is taking me for my first kayak fish tomorrow morning chasing bass ,I hope my life jacket works :074:

Regards Stewy

SOMEBODY take a camera!!!! :biggrin2: Good luck Stewy ... stay dry mate :074:

Congrats on your session fellas. Terrific to see Nat getting into some great fish on lure. I sense another convert in our midst!



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The tides in the cooks on Saturday were very strange, changed direction at least 4 times in the few hours I was out.

I have never seen anything like it, the fish didn't seem to mind though!

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