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Filling Up The Boat


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Gotta share this one with fellow Fishraiders. Am at work and mate has just come and told me this: Crew from different section at work went to SW Rocks last weekend. The quartet consisted of three Aussies and a Pom. They pulled into a servo at SW rocks and the Pom was given the task of fuelling the boat while the others got bait food etc etc. Anyway after about 15 minutes they looked over to the Pom who was off in la la land, still filling the boat but looking out to the middle distance. They run back to the boat to find the Pom happily filling up the boat with fuel _ literally _ as the the petrol nozzle was inserted in a rod holder!!! :1prop::1prop:

Fire brigade was called and petrol station closed down for an hour as they mopped up about 80 litres of fuel in the boat!

Made my day that story, cheers Bombie

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Hiya JD, yup had to pay for it. and yup just heard again from one of the dudes involved, was actually 100 plus litres. servo had to switch off all electricals lights etc for fear of a spark, the firey's HAZMAT team was called. Servo owner spewing cause servo shut down for I am now told 90 minutes. Oh yeah, they caught bugger all, too. cheers Bombie

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Guest bluecod

You'd feel like a right idiot, just standing there with the nozzle in your hand with everyone running around yelling - too late then to say "it wasn't me!" :074:

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