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newbie to the yak


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well for all you hopefull fishos out there that thought stewie was gonna go for a swim in the nepean, sorry I couldnt manage it for you. He took to my yak like a duck to water!!!! Dont worry the camera was handy in case it happened.. :thumbup:

WE took off in the dark flicking surface lures but it was very quite up top until about two hours in when stew nailed one on a popper.. and well from here on in stew stole the show. Switching to a spinnerbait he nailed 3 crackers in a row at the bottom of the weir... all an all a good day with some good company & a good paddle.

post-12031-080062000 1300254831_thumb.jpg

post-12031-034254500 1300254833_thumb.jpg

post-12031-015707000 1300254835_thumb.jpg

post-12031-019868100 1300254837_thumb.jpg

post-12031-057595400 1300254838_thumb.jpg

post-12031-074614200 1300254840_thumb.jpg

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Well done boys!!

That fish on the 1st pic looks like a pig!

I didn't think that the old Swordy back would hold up to a yak session. :1yikes:

Lot's of pills eh Stewy?!

Stewy is an old hand on the bass & could probably pull one out of his bathtub.

Well done on getting him out Nat. I'm sure both of you had a ball.



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