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st georges basin soft plastics


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ok so i have been going down the basin all my life i have a few spots i fish with usually pretty decent results but i'm heading down after easter and want to give soft plastics ago just wondering if anyone would be able to help me out with some other spots down there i normally fish around the islands on the basin view side and sometimes the first reef marker coming out of the channel to sussex just wondering what soft plastics people have been having success on and also a few other spots to try as well



p.s i fish out of a 475 freedom sport so cant get right into the shalllow water

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Flicking soft plastics around the shallows, especially our Sponsors Berkley Gulp shrimp, using Berkley Crystal 4-6lb braid & about 8lb Berkley fluro leader should get you results! :biggrin2: 1/40th TT HWS jig heads would do the trick. You'll need a lighter rod - Berkley Drop Shots are terrific rods in the 1-4kg range & not too expensive to buy. small reel, 1000-2500 range. You can cast all day with gear like that.

If you don't get results at the first spot, just allow the boat to drift over the shallows (if you don't have a leccie) and cover ground that way. Don't use an anchor - it'd spook every fish to kingdom come!


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