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Jigging rod but which one?

delta hbar

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Hi Raiders,

I'm looking at getting the 2010 Daiwa saltiga 5000 (std speed not the high speed) for some jigging/live baiting. Used mainly for kings off Sydney and Terrigal. Jig size mostly 250-300, braid, 40-50lb (probably 50lb)

I'd like to match it with a rod and am looking at the Shimano Jigwrex, Samaki jig pro or Wilson Live Fibre Venom.

Could I ask for your help/thoughts on these rods?? I'm not too worried about price given the reel is over $1k!! :biggrin2:

I like the samaki as when you tuck it under your arm pit, the padded part of the rod but sits under your arm whereas on the jigwrex it's on the rod blank.

Any thoughts/comments/suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

Thank you all in advance.


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ive got a samaki general purpose boat rod matched to a daiwa opus bull 65000 with 50lb braid. the rod is OK but thats it. and for the price is should have been better. If your not worried about spending money go for a JDM Daiwa saltiga spartain. There hard to find but they are a weapon also the daiwa monster mesch is good along with the shimano t-curve jigging rods. are you talking about the red samaki jigging rod?

Hope this helps, Cheers

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from those 3 rods i would choose the samaki

the jigwrex are great rods but there a little stiff and unless your a big guy you will tire out pretty quicky

but if your not worried about price i would look at a better quality rod

a jigging master 3 kings 200gm would be ideal

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I've recently purchase 3 rods from a Japanese maker Majorcraft, a jigging rod was one of them. Was recommended the Majorcraft brand by a japanese guy for their quality and price! Hard to buy something you haven't seen or touched, but based on reviews online I went ahead and let me tell you, I have been really impressed! :thumbup: Have used the other 2 rods which been awesome but haven't tested the jigging rod yet! I paid A$280

It fits under the armpits comfortably. Handle is like an inch in diameter which feels very nice in the hands and also is 2 piece (butt section comes apart). Could post pics of it.

Majorcraft - Offblow

OB-S63-5: Length-6.3ft Weight-219g Joint-2pc Line-1.5-3PE Lure MAX-150g Best Drag-8kg Action-Regular Fast

According to what you say you want, from their website (google translate), you could look at;

Majorcraft - Alexander

AX-S54/8: Length(ft):5'4''・Lure(g):MAX250・PE.Line(号):3-6・Max.Drag(kg):14・Action:Regular Slow・PRICE(¥):35,000 (A$430)

I now need to find a reel to match the jigging rod, Saltiga would be nice but don't know if that would fit my budget! lol


post-8961-015840800 1300838917_thumb.jpg

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since we are on this topic has anyone know much abouth the JM ocean god range??

for there price they are a great rod

end of the day tho for a little extra you can get a powerspell which is alot better

will have to catch up for a jig during winter and ill let you use some of my gear

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for the suggestions. Any and all information is gratefully accepted.

Yes the samaki jig pro is a red blank. A mate of mine suggested that I look at the monster mesh and of course the saltiga rods as well. He owns a couple of t-curves (200gm and 400gm) and swears by them.

So many other options, jigging master 3 kings, Majorcraft, HOTS, JM Ocean etc. I'd have to agree it's hard to tell what they are like from pictures online and their description.

This is much harder than finding a reel....

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Saltiga Spartan is a very nice rod to go with your Saltiga. Whats your budget for the rod anyway? Around 500-800 or 1k+. The Spartans are about 1150-1200 depending on where you buy it. For around 500-600 you should be able to pick up a Daiwa Saltiga GT rod. The Wilson Venom rods are very good as well. You should check them on youtube, deadlifting 40kgs or something. Pretty awesome blanks. Goodluck with your purchase.

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mate they released 2 limited edition australian variants of the Daiwa Saltiga Spartain you can find more info in the latest tackle junkie magazine. i seen them in there yesterday they dont look too bad but there over a gran

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