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How to determine where to fish on the beach


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This question could take forever.The answer realy depends on what you are targeting as i species to catch.

1 Whiting and bream. Best bait (beach worms) Fish the the areas that have a bit of wash running into deeper water. Of the edge of a sand piont into a gutter or a small channel that is being filled by the rising tide. Into some stired up sand of a rip. These fish are looking for small things being washed from the sand to feed on find places where this happing and fish into them.

2 Tailor or Salmon. Best bait (gannged pilchards) Fish deeper holes and gutters. I like the places the gutters run out to sea they are easier to fish. Do not be afraid to fish under a little foam if there are sand bars at the gutter edge.

3 Jew. I still say best bait (beach worm) but the head and gut off a tailor make a great bait as well. These guys come to hunt. They like to wait in deeper water and let the current bring things to them. Watch if there is water running through a gutter and then out to sea. Fish these places. On a lot of beaches gutters will form and run both directions into a hole and then out to see . Good Jew locations. Gutters that form along rock ledges are prime spots as well.

Stand up on a sand dune and look at the beach you want to fish at low tide. At hige tide there is too much water to get a good idea of the structure. If you fishing at night, go the afternoon befor and find the best location to fish if you can. It all gets harder to work out in the dark.

Thats my say

Good luck and tight lines.


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