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Where top take the young fella


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G'Day Raiders

Haven't fished in an eternity but promised the little fella I'd take him out tomorrow was thinking of somewhere along the georges landbased, maybe east hills or even down port hacking any suggestions on where their biting at the moment that he might hook up on something. He's only 8 so doesn't need to land a whale to get a thrill.



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Ended up on the little wharf under the rail bridge got 4 bream all around 25cm mark so no keepers but good fun but best part was the little fella caught 3 of them and was as proud as punch, all he wants to do now is go fishing.

Took a quick run down the road to the rocks opposite the duck ponds I used to fish there when I was a kid and haven't been down there for years.

I was disgusted at the state of the place, broken bottles eveywhere plastic bait bags and disguarded fishing line every where. It's no wonder the green groups get up in arms about recreational fisho's I know the majority of us do the right thing but obviously there is a concentration of people in that area that really don't give a rip. :ranting2:

Amazes me that if you like fishing a spot you wouldn't look after it, beats my why you would want to sit and fish from a garbage tip.

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