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Boating safety

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i have done a few arvo/night fishing sessions on the hawksbury lately for not much luck but thats not what my post is about....im a little annoyed at the amount of boats that dont have sufficient lighting or any light at all...i know my way around from parsley bay into cowan creek pretty well now but still only plot along at a medium speed but the amount of boats i pass that i come pretty close to that arnt lit up and lucky i am only going that speed...sat night i would have counted atleast 3 boats with no lighting at all and a couple others with nav lights that are so dull they may aswell no have lights....oh and there was 1 boat that the guy had a head lamp and that was it...i recently bought some new LED nav lights which didnt cost to much and are really bright surely if u can afford to spend a night out fishing on ur boat u could afford some lighting...i dont wanna see any1 get seriously hurt or even worse die from somebody's reclessness....

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I know what you mean. I stay on the hawkesbury overnight a bit and one night I saw an accident waiting to happen. A houseboat was anchored right in the middle of the channel at the "crossroads" near juno point. It had no lights on at all and luckily I was only going slow as it was pitch black and only saw him when I got within about 30m of it. If anyone had been motorin at speed through there it would have been nasty. Always stay alert at night and travel at a sensible speed.


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