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Jew fish reco


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Hey guys been fishing for Jew fish for over a month but had no luck and looking at going tonight can anybody give me some good known fishing spota and what bait to use etc located in Sydney if u don't want to disclose it through thread pm me thanks heaps

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Hey Black Label

I have been fishing for jewies for the past 6 months and have only been on once so maybe I am not the best person to be giving you advice hahaha but there are a few spots not too far away from where I live that are known to hit jewies. On the Georges River either lugarno side or Illawong side there are known to be some deep holes around those areas. And Whilst we havent came up trumps yet I have noticed some activity going on out Drummoyne way. I was there on the W.E and turned my back and reeled in 1/4 of a live yakka.

Let me know how you go anyway mate and where you end up at. I hope I was some sort of help lol

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Hey kev thanks for the feeback hahahah I guess any feedback is a good one I will def let you know how I go. As for groper to answer your question I'm looking at going land based

Molinex point is an excellent land base jew Fishing spot, or if you have a large rod you can have a go under tom uglys but you really to need to cast 40 meters or so.

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