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sat morning - determined to get out!


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HI All

the last 2 times ive tried to get a line wet, the weather was CRAPPY and i didnt go.

This sat i find myself with a rare few hours free in the morning so im keen to head out...but again the forecast is bad, with a southerly busta predicted to hit. I can brave the cold, the wind, but its just no fun standing on a beach in the rain

Sooo... providing it doesnt bucket down sat morning, where would be a good place to go beach fishing, thats kind of protected from the big swells and wind thats apparently coming. I was thinking north side of long reef - collaroy beach. ive not been there so im not sure ?

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Hi Dave,

Where do you fish in narrabeen lake ? I've been fancying it for a while,


I wade in near the cricket nets near the caravan park mostly. There are a few good drop offs there. I usually fish SPs for flathead, tho , if you can get nippers or poddies they will work well. There are plenty of other spots on the other side of the entrance too. Or on Wakehurst parkway.


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