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4 Days on the Harbour. Got smoked and squidded


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Hi Raiders,

I got back on the weekend after 4 great days out on the Harbour, except for that damn west wind you had last week, we had a great time out on the water. Anyway we came 500ks and there was no way I was not going out. All up we got some great fish. I managed to get some good sized XL squid and got absolutely smoked a number of times, by good sized kings. They were hard to get onto at first but once we sussed out what was on it was good going. It is such a thrill to have 3 or 4 kings chasing your bait back to the boat, only to have one grab it and go like hell. I am now convinced I am being too ambitious trying to turn 80cm + kings on 12.5kg gear in 8 metres of water. 10 years ago the kings were rarely this big and you could have some fun on the light gear. Now there is every chance you will meet a big one or two. I fished sow and pigs and had serveral sightings of one fish over the 1m mark. I don't know if he was the one I hooked but, after I got run back into the reef in about 3 seconds flat I did not see him again. We had great fun catching smaller ones on pilly cubes and peeled prawn. You could see the yakkas in the burley scatter and next a king would run up to the boat picking off the fish pieces. Bury a hook, very well hidden, into a cube. Chop up a pilly and throw the bits in, wait for the king to run up picking them off and drop in the one with your hook. Presto, hang on and have fun. We got several kings and a couple of salmon too. Around the west wedding mark they were on as well. Clontarf Bommie markers were holding fish as well. Lots of 30cm+ trevallys about the sow. They gave the kids some fun.

Thanks to the guys who PM'd me and gave me some heads up on the squid. The first 2 days they were hard to get but, after a new jig purchase I had 4 in the boat for 6 casts. Kids on the floor screaming with towles over them as the ink flew.

A couple of things I found. Catch your yakkas at Roseville Boat ramp if you put in there. They are small, not like the big ones in the Harbour. We got good mullet too. They made great bait for the kings and salmon.

Plenty of Mullet moving about in the Harbour for you Jewy fishos.

See you again next season

Here are some pics.


post-2792-034794400 1303211436_thumb.jpg My son's mate with his first king. About 63cm.

post-2792-080619100 1303211505_thumb.jpg A mate with a nice Salmon taken on a live yakka.

post-2792-038879300 1303211527_thumb.jpg A beautiful City.

post-2792-025801600 1303211543_thumb.jpg A team effort salmon on a pilly cube

post-2792-069333300 1303211590_thumb.jpg A team effort king on a pilly cube

post-2792-089786400 1303211639_thumb.jpg Nice little Banjo put ina good effort for my young bloke.

post-2792-072492400 1303211608_thumb.jpg I had a mutiny and my boat was taken over

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Thanks Guys. We had a ball and all I can say is you blokes that can access this part of the world regularly are really on one of the best fisheries on the east coast. Don't take it for granted. :thumbup:

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Yet another successful western invasion. Looks like you had a ball the harbour is on fire at the moment with the Kingies still hanging around. We did a trip offshore on Thursday and filled with boat with nice 1kg snapper and trag. Love to fish this time of year.


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