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Roseville Jewie


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Hey Raiders,

I am very excited to write this post!

After many hours of targeting jewies in Roseville, I have had some success from my kayak.

Got this guy just after dead low tide on a 10cm minnow gulp. I was regularly berleying with bread and chopped up pillies.

I was just flicking my sp around and wasn't getting much action. Then I put my rod in the holder while i turned my yak around and bang! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I was on! Such a good fight. I was shaking with excitment when I saw it come to the surface.

Just goes to show that you can catch jewies during the middle of the day ;)

He went 56cm in the end. It's not a monster but it gives me something to beat!


post-7855-026798300 1303296670_thumb.jpg

post-7855-015768600 1303296682_thumb.jpg

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