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Snapper from yak


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Hi raiders,

I took my yak out this evening to see if there was anything around at Collaroy that was interested in a lure.

I headed north at first and saw some action just off the beach, but could not get them interested. Not sure if they were salmon, tailor or bonito, but my lure landing in their midst put them down immediately.

after a few lure changes it was approaching dusk; around 5.30pm, so I headed past the pool at the southern end of the beach to do a pass across to Long Reef. I was just into that section off the pool when one of the rods let me know it was running and after a short tussle I landed a 37cm snapper!!

post-3378-028805800 1303303898_thumb.jpg

I was a happy boy, as I had been fishing from the pipe three times in the past week and only caught one Trevalley. I had a couple more passes in the same area, but the only thing interested was a pike, which I kept for future bait.

We had the snapper for dinner plus a squid that roberta caught in Pittwater this morning with a top water lure!!

post-3378-051542400 1303304266_thumb.jpg

post-3378-016679400 1303304115_thumb.jpg



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