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North Head Friday 22nd


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Went for a morning session Friday 22nd a north head (Sydney) using our usual 4lb line. We were well prepared with serviced reals and all new line. We had a good session with screaming drags most of the morning. The Trevally gave us a hard time and were on the chew most of the morning. At one stage we had 4 fish hooked up (with only 2 people in the boat) and on light gear its always amusing and a bit of chaos. The bonito and salmon were also caught on 4lb line, a good fight but as the line was new we had a bit more of an advantage than with our usual old extremely stretched line. We tend to let the line stress and age till its probably more like 2 lb before we replace it. This gives the fish a more sporting chance and tests our skill. The bonus for the day was the bream, flathead and snapper that were all taken in Sailors bay at the back of spit in a quick session on the way home.

We did drop a lot of fish (as you do on light gear) but the esky didn’t end up looking to bad. We also released a lot of fish.

post-13182-052001200 1303466121_thumb.jpg

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Maybe I should change my users id to cob webs I like the way it sounds. And I tell you when the line gets old it does feel like a cob web soem days.

Nice catch, not suprised they gave you some stick using cob webs for line. :thumbup:

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