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Woolooware Bay & Georges R success on Good Friday

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Hi Raiders,

Headed out on Friday for a full day out on the water with Bassboy and one of his mates Brent. We started at dawn fishing the incoming tide on the lower Georges concentrating on the flooding flats and shallow rocky ledges searching for bream and flatties. The tide was perfect for the rocky ledges but we could only hook very small but feisty bream and were surprised by a small squire.

The action was slow so we headed out to fish the flooding tide into the Oyster leases in Woolooware Bay. This move brought immediate success with the first cast into the edge of a oyster rack with a Atomic hardbody being rewarded with this nice 42cm Flattie :biggrin2: .

post-12960-067500600 1303619357_thumb.jpg

We continue to work the racks with our hardbodies and bloodworm wrigglers searching for some bream. The bream were not at home but the hardbodies continued to be aggressively hit by some nice flatties…… :thumbup: We were surprised by the number of flatties hiding deep in the racks, making it exciting fishing on light gear. The average size of these fish was 42cm

post-12960-044506500 1303619375_thumb.jpg

post-12960-046264700 1303619395_thumb.jpg

post-12960-002701400 1303619682_thumb.jpg

At one stage we had a double hook up :yahoo: with Bassboy hooking up to a nice 43 Flattie in a boat channel between the racks, while I got hit by an aggressive 26cm bream deep in amongst the racks.

post-12960-050668700 1303619412_thumb.jpg

As we moved deeper into Woolooware Bay we noticed bust ups occurring in a shallow channel next to the racks and Bassboy decided to chuck a Bloodworm Wriggler into the edge of the bust up with his lightest gear. The wriggler got hit as soon as it hit the water and the 3lb braid screamed off his reel as the fish ran towards the racks. As Bassboy put a bit of pressure on the fish it went aerial....a monster salmon :1yikes: ....fortunately it then ran back to the deeper water. The fish went aerial another half dozen times and must have circled the boat three times before we finally netted it.....the first salmon into the boat.

post-12960-029109600 1303619431_thumb.jpg

After the excitement of the Salmon the top end of Woolooware Bay went quiet and we decided the chase the tide up into the mid Georges River to chase some EPs.

We hit Lugarno on the turn of the tide. As we sounded out schools of fish the wind and showers arrived. Despite the inclement weather we used the stop lock feature of the Minn Kota to work the schools of fish in the deep holes with our go to SPs (bloodworm wrigglers). This tactic brought immediate success for Brent with him catching his first ever EP :thumbup: a nice fat 31cm specimen.

post-12960-020637500 1303619463_thumb.jpg

Our success against the EPs continued with another 3 EPs falling victim to the Bloodworm Wrigglers. We also caught a nice 43cm Flattie deep in the hole.

post-12960-066419100 1303619493_thumb.jpg

post-12960-026990600 1303619478_thumb.jpg

post-12960-008979700 1303619512_thumb.jpg

post-12960-015346400 1303619453_thumb.jpg

Considering the boat traffic and inclement weather it was a fantastic day on the water with a final tally of 9 flatties over 35cm, 2 legal bream and 4 EPs. All the fish were released to fight another day.

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What a cracker of a day! I fished WB on Wednesday for a few flatties and hooked 2 very active salmon around the racks too!

Rob - those Salmon are great fun on light gear in shallow water....I will have to check out WB for more Salmon next weekend.

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Rob - those Salmon are great fun on light gear in shallow water....I will have to check out WB for more Salmon next weekend.

i might head out to wb next weekend myself :thumbup:

you guys always seem to produce the goods on hardbodys!

one thing i have yet to do is get any type of consistancy out of them


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