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AT LAST! A Botany Bay King worthy of a Post!


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Hey Raiders

Long time since my last post... have been doing some travelling and plenty of fishing- caught a shed load of flatties, squid, crabs, kings etc in the past few weeks but nothing worthy till this weekend!

Ice Fishing in the USA

post-10545-042737900 1303659687_thumb.jpg

Nothing Catches Fish like a SLAMBAIT!!

post-10545-009999000 1303659697_thumb.jpg

Anyway ... I went out solo on Friday and got totally dusted by some big kings while downrigging squid around Molli Point (AKA - the car park)... using my Shimano 3500 baitrunner with 15lb was no match for the kings.

Got reefed a few times and then got totally outgunned when I sent out a 35cm squid on the downrigger which was taken by a massive king... I saw the king and it must have been close to 1meter before it spooled me... I was only left with some backing line drifting in the wind and the horrible "what if" thoughts running through my head....

Anyway, Saturday was a write-off fishing wise as I had to go to the Easter show with the wife... while at the show all I could think of was those Kings in the bay!!!

I vowed to get them!

Come Sunday, I was fully prepared ... I dug out my trusty PENN 850SS reel and re-spooled it with 40lb braid.... 50lb ROVEX leader (top stuff of the $) .... twin 6/0 Mustard hook rigs... ball bearing swivel and triple checked all my knots - there will be no escape this time!

Hit the Bay at 7am and spend the next 3 hours for only 3 squid! WFT - talk about hard work....

Started downrigging Molli point at 10:30am and first 2 pass and 2 squids resulted in small kings...not the result I was after...

post-10545-054607100 1303659706_thumb.jpg

post-10545-036344000 1303659718_thumb.jpg

With only 1 massive 30cm squid left in my bait tank - I thought if I was going to nail a decent king.. this would be the bait. Out goes the squid whole on the DR and I start my run down the container break wall... all of a sudden all hell breaks loose as the PENN drag starts screaming! I know right away it was a good fish as 1) the squid was massive 2) I set the drag up really tight when I DR and this thing was still able to pull line! As I was doing a solo trip today I had to fight the fish, bring up the bomb and steer the boat at the same time....after a hard 15 minutes with many powerful runs I finally saw my fish and it was no rat kingfish. At first I tried to net the thing with my bream net and it wasn't going to happen, with no gaff or a bigger net I decided to grab the fish by the tail and throw it into the boat... it took 4 goes but I finally flung this thing onto my boat!!! biggrin2.gif x 100

post-10545-086287500 1303659743_thumb.jpg

post-10545-004007600 1303659731_thumb.jpg

The fish measured 91cm! My PB and not bad for a kingfish caught INSIDE Botany Bay! I was stoked.. So happy my plan came to fruition. thumbup.gif

With no more squid.. I got a tank of yakkas but the kings did not want any of it. ranting2.gif

I then tried to tempt them with some frozen squid which I caught a few days back and managed a few more small kings in the 65cm -70cm range!

Didn't want to waste the tank full of yakkas so I used a few of them in the crab pots and got these... the perfect day on the water.... well... sort of...

post-10545-025902300 1303659771_thumb.jpg

Headed back towards to the ramp at full throttle and my engine cuts out all of a sudden... smoke coming out where I usually see a stream of water and the engine block is very hot to touch - dead waterpump...? 05.gif

I was lucky able to flag a nice chap down who gave me a tow back in... Now I just need to get my engine serviced so I can get back on the water and get my 1m + Kingy!

Hope you enjoyed the read and see you all on the water!

post-10545-003543300 1303659757_thumb.jpg


Trung / DHYPE

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Well done on a nice feed especially the crabs, just a tip....everyone hits molli point for large kingies but try bare island with live squid and you will more than likely be smoked. Cheers cg.

couldnt agree more molli gets hammered nowadays i dont even bother anymore, there is better fish in other locations i found...

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couldnt agree more molli gets hammered nowadays i dont even bother anymore, there is better fish in other locations i found...

It's true that molli gets smashed with boats but I find it still fishes really well as I tend to use different techniques and lures/baits when compared ton the majority of the people there.

Most of the boats out there tend to anchor up and soak prawns, servo squid etc etc.. I use to do the same and found you catch very little quality fishing using this method. Nowadays, it's down rigging or flicking large soft plastics which seems to produce the goods us.

As for other locations, we do move elsewhere if we got nothing after a few passes at molli ... Have never fished around bare island before.. Will give it a go next time.



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Good one! Trung.. saw you out driving up and down the kingy highway yesterday..Thanks for the left over squid.

We got a few rats and 1 keeper yesterday. Squid was hard to come by yesterday..unlike Friday.

Hi wrongbait

You must have been on the "lochie" boat.. Good to hear you landed a few kings that day.

No worries on the squid .. Better off giving it away to someone than tossing it overboard.



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Very nice fish Trung,good to see you still smashing the kings'

Thanks Pete- I'm still over the moon about that fish... My wife thinks it sad I get so excited over fishing but it love it .. :biggrin2:

Saw pics of your big Jew , congrats on that fish!

Must get together for a fishing trip .. We will show ou how it's done like last time! Hahahaha



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