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Available for Midweek Cubing for Yellowfin.


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Hi Raiders.

I have become boatless after selling mine & have missed two seasons while I've taken on building another huge project which wont be ready for a few years yet.. So I thought I'd throw a bone & see if I get the oportunity to wet a line. I know that when I had a boat, I found it almost impossible trying to find someone that could go during the week when I was available.

So...If anyone with a boat is looking for a fishing partner during the week for cubing for yellowfin please give me a holler on 0415 140013. My favs are cubing for fin & kingie fishing. Not into Marlin fishing that much as I like to eat what I catch & plus my gear is braided for cubing & Kings. I work all weekends but am available mondays to Thursdays.

I have all the gear & experience & don't get sea sick. Most of all I have plenty of patience for cubing. I definately pay my way & most definately help clean the boat. i am pretty easy going as well & don't take over someone's ship. I also have a boat lisence.

If there are any pre-requisits that I might have...they would be that I will only go out with a safe boat & sensible fisho. Brownes is too far for anything less.


PS...Just downloaded some pics of a few fish caught in my profile gallery just to confirm that I have been fishing ;-)

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