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Who plays the Ukulele or ukulele banjo?


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Hi guys

Whilst I was in Sydney over the Easter weekend, waiting for Keith to fly in from his trip to the US, I found a really neat little Banjo-Ukulele in one of my favourite shops ..... Vinnies!!yahoo.gif With a birthday coming up in May, Mum reimbursed me for the cost of the uke as an early birthday present!! Thanks Mum!1clap.gif

I used to play the normal ukulele (guitar shaped) in my teens, but it must be 40 years since I have really sat down & played one ...... up til now, anyway! biggrin2.gif It even came with a hard case, to keep it protected! thumbup.gif

post-2231-010862100 1303870913_thumb.jpg

I really like the George Formby style of playing, so will be concentrating on learning that - here is an example of the Formby Style (he was very popular in the 30s & 40s) I think it is a really bouncy style of playing, so hope that I will be able to master it some time soon. Their hands go SO BLOODY FAST you can't see it for the blur on the vid!!1yikes.gif

Lots of good Formby vids on youtube, to watch, too!!biggrin2.gif Not sure if he was Keith's favourite artist ....... but hope so now! 074.gif



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Hi Roberta,

Don't play, (I'm the only musical ignoramus in a family of musicians,) but in my other interest, (woodworking) I finished this recently.

Been annexed by my daughter!

post-14946-085268800 1305168446_thumb.jpg

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WOW!!! Very nice, Alastair!! IS that your first 'guitar' type instrument that you have made?? Looks brilliant! I've got one similar (cheapy tho) that I will give to my brother Cam/Sails as he is SO jealous of my Banjo Ukulele! biggrin2.gif An advert on TV uses a Banjo Ukulele as the background music! I'm hearing it everywhere now!!wacko.gif

How about having a go at a Banjo Ukulele ...... you can use a basic Tambourine as the 'sound box' then add the neck/frets ....... you can play a duet with your daughter!1prop.gif

Lots of tuition videos on Toutube for regular Ukulele players too - if your daughter has played the guitar, she'll pick it up easily! Basically the same top 4 strings & 'my dog has fleas' tuning.



Here's a pic of mine biggrin2.gif

post-2231-074522100 1305269480_thumb.jpg

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