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Pics Of My Boat


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after hunting around phoning different blokes that do canopies i found this guy, he uses nylex canvas which is supposed to be harder wearing and more water proof.. he comes out to your place spends the day there and job finished. A whole new canopy rails and sidecurtains was $750 which was great and the job was excellent i thought.

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The paint looks good, I hope you don't mind me asking but what was the cost of the paint and primer?


i got the paint from bias boating they have a website with prices online www.biasboating.com.au i think all up it was about $300 for primer and overcoat, i used 4 litres of overcoat and about 3 litres of primer . hope this helps. That website you can order andthey will ship to you but it will take about 5 days

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Good stuff there jewytim. :thumbup:

It certainly fills up the spare time but you must agree that the rewards and self satisfaction in the end are worth it.

Well done. :biggrin2:




Hooky, yes it was along time and many hours but yes it was so satisfying when i had finished and alot cheaper than buying a new one !! (my baby)

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Congratulations on a job well done.

I hope to be feeling the same sense of satisfaction in a few months time when my boat is finished.

I hope you have many great outings (including freezing Hairtail nights) in your new rig.


you will mate no doubt in that its wiorth the wait and effort


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