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Land Based Kingies


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Hey Raiders,

Heading out really late tonight 1am-2am to go collect some live yakkas and squid, then hoping to chase kingies landbased at sunrise !! Anyone got any good kingy spots landbased? I know I can get to the rock ledge across from "Colours", BUT im not the best with heights and Im not too confident in climbing down giant cliff walls on ladders that got put up who knows when lol. So i was hoping if anyone had any good kingy spots that I can try that dont get too crowded. Or even a spot that is secluded that you have to mission through a bush to get too .. im not fussed. Just aslong as I dont have to scale down large cliff rock walls, scares the shit outta me.

Kings are the target where do I get em ?

If you feel like sending me a PM as so not to expose your spot that would be fine too.

Cheers raiders any help would be good to land my first legal king and to do it landbased would be a great achievement for me.


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hey bro there are a few spots....i heard that clifton was good...but i dont know atm the kingies havent really come out in the last 2 to 3 weeks for landbased fishermen....but you never know your luck

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Well be careful with rock fishing this weekend

You can try Clifton Gardens Wharf, Spit Bridge, Pyrmont Finger Wharf or Balmoral Wharf, all inside the harbour

Rock fishing alert

Thursday 28 April to Sunday 1 May 2011

There is a strong possibility of dangerous ocean conditions over the next few days and throughout the weekend. Large swells are forecast for the NSW coast with possibility of swell of up to 3 metres in some areas, breaking dangerously close inshore.

These conditions could be extremely dangerous for rock fishermen and boating activities.

Stay home in rough weather!

Whenever you fish, choose a safe spot. Dont fish alone, make sure you have non-slip shoes, wear a life jacket and never turn your back on the sea.

Please forward this email alert to your fishing friends.

For updates you can link to the Bureaus coastal weather forecasts.

Free DVDs

Have you got our free rock fishing safety kit and DVD? Click here to email us and well get one sent to you. We can also send you multiple copies if you want DVDs for your fishing club, school or community group.

Safe fishing!

from the Recreational Fishing Alliance of NA national strategy to reduce fishing fatalities

This email was sent by Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW, PO Box 328, Matraville NSW 2036, Australia to littlejewgaffer@hn.ozemail.com.au

Keep a close eye on the sea this weekend all you boaties & rock fishermen.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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