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Hawkesbury 1/05/11.. First Catfish.. First Jewfish.. And A Good Feed :)


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Me and my dad and my dads mate went out for a fish today, we got a top feed and had a top day with many laughs, i've been up since 5 with only 2 hours sleep so i'm not bothered for a big report like usual but i got pictures, and there is more to come when i get my dads mate to send them, he took them from his good camera that he bought on board..

Flathead - 41cm, 38cm, 36cm

Whiting - 31cm

Flounder 30cm


And did i mention how sexy a Jewie is in real life, i loved the purple shine in the sun, it was hard to throw back even though it was a little fella


I'm a happy kid and i can't wait to get out there next week

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