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Lane Cove River

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Just bought a brand new motor and was only taking it out for a test.

Decided to take a mate with me too and a few rods.

Few casts at Figtree Bridge for nothing.

Moved to a spot just down from there and bang.

2 flatties.

36cm and 48cm, all on Berkley Gulps.

Moved down towards the narrows once the sunset. Was getting nothing then got what I though was a big flattie.

Nope.. 41cm Bream.

My biggest to date. Got it on a Berkley Gulp, Satay Chicken.

To make things even better. Got to the ramp saw some squid and got a pair of them too.

post-17998-026034300 1304508038_thumb.jpg

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Hi all,

There's a place called Armory Wharf somewhere in between silverwater or newington (actually not sure which suburb belong to) have a lot of king size bream. The place is part of Parramatta River and assume its heavy polluted. Its so easy to catch them by just using handline with bread or smelly old bait. Find this place when picnic gathering with friends at that place. But pls catch and release only or u may be poisoned with dioxin if u take them on diet.

Cheers Phil

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