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FINS 80LB help


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Hi Raiders,

me being the idiot that i am, left a brand new spool of fins 80LB braid in a plastic box outside. inevitably rain water and grime accumilated in this box with the braid submerged in it. Could of been in there for possibly more than a month.

The braid still seems strong but i dont want to lose any fish.

Do you think its still safe to use?

Any input would be appreciated.

Cheers, Stan

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from my understanding of braid, you should be fine.

a). its freshwater

B). the line wasnt under tension (ie less abrasion damage)

id make sure you wash any dirt from the line, dry it and then spool it onto the reel under tension and you should be fine. Remember the outer line on the spool will be the inside line once on the reel... and vice versa

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