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Paternoster/Burley rig?


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Hey guys,

I made a rig the other day. A 2 hook (2 dropper) paternoster rig, but i used a weighted burley coil (from stimulate) as the sinker.

The plan is load it up full of burley, which will hopefully attract small fish which will attract reef and sand dwelling predators e.g. Blue spotted flathead, kingies, samboes e.t.c

I hope it works, will let you know.

On a totally unrelated note, i head that megan foxx is not going to be in the next transformers! what the hell!!

Cheers, Predator

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Sounds good to me if you are using it on a offshore reef you got a good chance of attracting some nice reds! Only problem would be you might have to much hardware on it to get that really big strike but sounds like a good idea.. Were did you buy the sinking Berley trap from might give it a go my self

... Yes it is true that we won't be seeing megan in those movies any more but they should get another super hot robot loving chick

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Yeah im going to be using a stiffer, bottom bashing rod to compensate, plus braid with heavier mono with reduce most resistance in the strike.

I usually use these burley cages for burleying up fish in deeper water in a strong current. I think it will work, i will let everyone know.

I bought them from my local tackle world ages ago there basically like a spring with a lead fixed to the end of it. Only a couple of bux.

I hope this new girl doesnt have as annoying voice as megan foxx though. I turn the tv down everytime she screams SAM!!!

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