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certate vs bream


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Hey guys, i put my new diawa certate butted up to a smaki zecton phase11 ultra light through it paces this weekend. Head it out sunday morning to a land based spot up parra river, rigging up my outfit while im seeing all these kick ass skeeter boats wizz by i put on a 1/8 jigg head with a wasabi squdie wriggler slap on some sfactor and i was in the water quick smart. a couple of slow lifts and winds produce a 26cm black bream. Threw him back in and keept on working that jig away and hooked up its dad. five minutes later of tryin to keep this monster away from the plylons i managed to get him on the deck.

i am f***ing wrapped. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

post-17868-008398100 1305500742_thumb.jpg

post-17868-002319400 1305500751_thumb.jpg

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yeah thanks champ. hey did you have any luck with that putkeh fish we were talking about last time????

yes they were on d bite i had trouble at first getting snagged n all that but my gace prevailed me through the djubre rod n ended up getting a few

we should go for a flick...its been a while ever since u got thta certate ur too gud for the ammatuers :1badmood:

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