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Port Hacking 150511


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Hey Guys

I went for a quick fish today, i wanted to take the boat for a run because it hasn't been used in like 3 or 4 weeks and i wanted to test my new live bait tank and rocket launcher out.

I launched at 8am and went to jibbion, burleyed up for 2 hours, i got 3 yakkas and lost a squid.

It was slow going, enough wasting time there i headed straight outside but the swells were up, to high for my liking so i drifted about a 1km of the jibbion headland, hmh.. dropped the yakkas down, and some prawns and a floater while i flicked plastics.. nothing ? nothing ? nothing ? 3 hours later and i had no action at all, a few bites but that's about it.

I didn't want to keep wasting time i went inside and drifted my old Flathead grounds, love the Flathead, never let you down.

An hour later and i had 2 Flathead, 50cm and 40cm in the bag, caught and released a few little snapper, and a just undersized flounder.

Called it quits after that, a good way to end the day, and i am very happy with the way my boat is shaping up, just need to add a few more things on now, just counted and i've got 18 rod holders :lol:




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Cheers mate, i bought it for $15,500 and have spent another 1k decking it out, it's an awesome little rig, even out in the big swells it has a pretty soft ride, uses bugger all fuel with the 4 stroke, for the hacking trip i used less then 5 liters of fuel and that was with around 20km of running around. The boat handles most harbour chop with ease, and fishes 2 or 3 comfortably, I'd recommend a boat around this size it's well worth it and a great way to have a fun enjoyable day on the water with a mate or 2.

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