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Working Tides and times works!


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We had a crap time of it chasing the yakka's on sunday, the most fun was had buy chasing a rogue float that someone obviusly had caught a fish but snapped the line at the top above the float. Everytime we drove up to the float it would dive down made it impossible to grab, still wondering what was at the other end!!

However there were plenty of fun also to be had with just legal trevally on the other side of the bay and the odd portjackson shark who loved the squid.

We started to target a different species and work the 2 hours either side of the tide as just like sunday as soon as the tide start runnning hard it dies off.

We fished a marker and fished on the side so our bait and berley drifts down to the marker we were getting trevally after trevally with small squire and bream in between, then when the tide turned it turned us around and two other blokes anchored beside us so we moved to the other side of the marker and started catching heaps again every time i put my bait down it was getting hit. The guys on the other side never lifted there rods only to check them, we had no time to sit. BUt as soon as approx 2 hours passed it was dead as, most defiantly works. Looks like time target trevallys, snapper and jewies etc as opposed to the kingies till they come back again.

Mabye shorten our sessions and just fish mabye the two high tides of the day or low tides go home in between for a sleep!!

No photo's of trevally as they were just legal and we prefer something with a bit more meat so they went back to grow a bit bigger, however did take home one decent flatty.

Will defiantlly stick to it thats for sure just missing those kingies.

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Nick (SNAP-ER) and I come across a rogue float in chipping norton while kayaking, Nick seen the fish and he called it for a jewie, I've got my suspicions it was a big dirty carp. Too hard to grab the float.


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