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Long Reef Snapper


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Hey raiders, thinking of heading out off sydney in search of hopefully some snapper thursday or the weekend, just wondering if jackets have been causing many problems lately?

Also any info anyone might want to share, haven't done much of this sort of fishing before, planning to do a few drifts with a variety of baits and maybe throw a plastic around.

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The weekend is looking good so far for an outside shot I was there yesterday and the conditions where horrible and the current was hollowing! Managed a few snapper the biggest one going about 48cm..... Your best bet is to find some nice ground and pick into it as close as you can then start a burley trail with the nastiest fish bait you can find lol,Make sure you don't break your trail as any reds you may have got into it will move on if it is broken.

The best way to fish for reds is with a hand line but if you are using a rod just use a light rod with about 4kg-6kg line and try get some fc leader on there and run a small ball sinker right down to the hook the weight will depend on how hard the current is. Cast it out so it ends up where your trail is drifting to and leave the bail arm open and let line out nice and slow and just be careful of the bottom as you will loose your rig if it gets stuck on the reef.

If you get a take just let it get a bit of line first then shut your bail arm and strike the reason for this is if a nice red takes your bait and it feels any sort of weight it will let go straight away and it may not be hooked up. You can also fish for them with heavier gear on the bottom or a bit above it but you will get a lot of rubbish as a bi-catch and your bait taken but if you want to do it this way get a bigger size hook on there so you will hook only bigger reds as another bi-catch of fishing this way you could also catch kings, amberjack, etc and if you are fishing into the night you may also get a trag this way.

But remember the most important thing burley!

Might see you out there this weekend

Good Luck!


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