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Lilli Pilli


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Fished off Lilli Pilli on Thursday. Pulled out 3 salmon, 2 near the 50cm mark and one fat one of 63cm. The bigger one took off like a kingie at first, some head shaking, then it started swimming on the surface for a while before diving again and tiring after a few minutes. Also pulled out a just legal reddie, 2 trevally around the 35cm mark and a tailor under 40cm. Bitten off by a bigger tailor. Yellowtail non-existant but a few small trevally swimming in the burly. Quite a few frigates still swimming about, with the occasional salmon crashing the surface. The salmon all took baits from the bottom.


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I have also noticed the lack of yellowtail in the burley trail there but i managed a few last time i went out, right on the bottom on a bait jig. I also got a full string (3) of undersized bream which i found very odd. The same thing with the trevally as they day warmed up i had loads of little trevally and black bream in the trail.

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