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  1. A feed of crabs, nothing wrong with that. Have fun up north.
  2. Thank you. Some blue spots for a change.
  3. Thank you. Some time between bites in the deeper water.
  4. You caught a feed. Trial and error, and practice, gets you going and gives you the experience you need.
  5. A couple of feeds so happy with the catch. I was going to head up river with some nippers, but decided to head outside while the swell was down.
  6. Yes I am happy they are in my possession. Last week in the fish shop at Southgate Syvania, boneless and skinless flattie fillets were $75 a kilo !!!
  7. Headed out to Bate Bay before sunrise, not much swell, and the breeze just a touch too much, requiring a bigger than normal snapper sinker to stay on the bottom. Headed straight out and the spikies were on the bite, 2 at a time. A couple of just legal blue spots, released, then it appeared that was what was available, so I kept a couple. Water over the 100 foot mark, too many spikies, so I headed out to a mark where the water is 200 feet deep. Not much there, a few tiny picks which were probably red spot whiting, and found half a dozen tiger flatties. 2 just on size that were kept. Tried south of the bombie at a couple of spots, not a touch, not even spikies, very unusual. Moved back to the first spot of the morning for a few more blue spots. Only small blue spots, not much over the limit, though I have seen this happen a few years back. Just about all were males. I dropped one good one boatside, he just fell off the hook. Headed back to base and the southerly hit.
  8. Good work. It makes you happy when the jewies are legal sizes. 👍
  9. Nice work there Mike. couple of breambo's, and one on a home made lure of sorts. 🤣 Well, it worked.
  10. We used to call it a "dead heat." Both hit the same spot at the same time.
  11. Well b.n., P.E means S.F.A. to me, I have N.F.I., and really I.D.G.A.F. Understand? 🤣
  12. Just have to look at the amount of white frothy water around the area. Observations before fishing would tell you that it would be dicey, with some decent waves to be rolling in.
  13. That is a terrific effort Chris, certainly your efforts and time have paid off. Great work. 👍👍👍
  14. That has not been properly clarified so far. the dumb arses only know about the blue males, and are pushing that point.
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