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Live baiting from Wharves


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Hey raiders,

im plan to have a wharf fishing session in the harbour in the next week or two. One thing that i have thought of is does it matter what tide i fish. Next to this wharf it is normally about 4-5 meters deep at low tide and 5-7 at high. I just plan to catch some yakkas or slimies and fish them off the end of the wharf. Another question i have is what type of float (size) and how long and strong my leader should be? Any tips for a live baiting newbie??

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I used to fish the zoo wharf, 2 x livies at a time, one under a floats and just enough lead to keep the fish down and about two meters of the bottom and let it swim.

The other running sinker to a swivel and let it swim of the bottom.

40 pound trace of a meter is enough.

let us know how you go.

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