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Marlin off Batemans Bay - But no tuna!


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Hi folks,

Headed out yesterday morning for a cube session with a mate off Batemans Bay. Found a good school of slimies first up and caught enough to cube with and also put out a few live baits. Headed out to batemans Bay plateau with a slight north wester blowing. Water was cool and a bit green looking. Set a cube trail in 18.6deg water at the plateau and sent out the baits. Not too long after a nice big Mako came up the trail and ate everything we put over. After hooking up a few times it got the hint and hit the road. But soon he or a mate was back. Made it impossible to fish so it was time to move.

Headed into the shelf line and set another trail. Within half an hour I see two big bronze whalers flash under the boat and both live baits go off. I handed the 24kg outfit to my mate and grabbed the 15kg stick. Reel screamed for 30 seconds and then nothing. Trace bitten through. I look over at my mate on the other side of the boat and he's hooked up solid. Just then to my surprise a nice fat striped marlin rockets out of the ocean and just takes off. Not the fin we were looking for but we were'nt complaining. Especially Rick who was hooked up to his first. Well didn't this fish give us some curry. She dragged us from the shelf line out to the 200 fathom mark in the next 90 minutes. I'm not sure who was more tired the fish or my mate! It was about this time I realised that we only had a 100kg trace a very light gauge 6/0 circle on the business end. Now I was worried. But as luck would have it everything held together and the fish came to the boat. She was beautiful, about 100 - 120kg of magnificent marlin. Rick was exhausted but also the happiest man on the ocean. He'd finally achieved a life long dream Check out the pics....

post-4525-051968800 1305973298_thumb.jpg

post-4525-005494200 1305973330_thumb.jpg

post-4525-046145300 1305973313_thumb.jpg

After a few cheers and the usual photo's we swam the big girl for 10 minutes or so and then watched her swim away. What a fantastic day. Thanks and hope you enjoy the read.........

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